It’s thursday! you know what that means? one more day before summer break…. and final exam!! Yes finals are here. It’s time to apply what you have learned and probably try to learn some more. Finals are not that bad because if you think about it, they can only help you because they tell you what you did learn and what you didn’t lean so in a way finals are like an evaluation on your knowledge, but it will still be helpful to study before your exam. Since my final is tomorrow I’ve cracked opened the books that will be helping me, which are ” transcending CSS by Andy Clarke” and “Dreamweaver CSS by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith” This books are really helpful in going into detail on what CSS is and how it works. They also talk about HTML and its’ functions, so which helps understand CSS and HTML. I will update tomorrow before I leave to summer break.


It’s Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday or like some people like to call it Hump day, two more days before summer break! I’m still not sure what I’m going to do during my break. This is going to be my first college break not including winter or spring break. The weather sure does feel right for a summer break, it get’s a little rainy but some rain can’t hurt. When we come back from summer break it will be our last month working on web design, so that means we are going to have to learn everything that’s left to know in one month!  As for me I’m still working on my photoshop skills, I’m coming along step by step but I’m getting there.

Tuesday the 20th

Hello world, monday is now over with so that means the countdown for summer vacation is still going and it’s down to 3 days! Yesterday I the chance to work on some of my Photoshop skills. I was trying to create a nebula with the earth and moon in it, now I was trying to make it as realistic as I could but I ran to some problems because of the size of my picture and plus when I added the earth and the moon to the nebula…. let’ just say it wasn’t looking as realistic as I wanted to. I played around with some pictures to see what will give me the best combination for creation.  The thing I enjoy about creating something like this it’s helping me grow in my skills. I’ve never created something like this so it should be fun to see where this takes me and what else it teaches me.

One More Week!

Monday is here! so four more days before summer break. On friday we took a class trip to the movies and got a chance to see the movie “jobs”,  it was pretty cool to see how something that is so big and popular right now started in a garage with two people! The movie also gave insight on what happened with Steve Jobs and apple through the years, for example when he got fired and rehired and the big events that transformed Apple Inc. There’s so much that has happened that I’m sure the movie couldn’t show but the part’s that they did show were interesting and important for the views to understand the movie. One thing I liked about the movie is that they focused on the Apple Inc and Steve Jobs involvement. They didn’t just focus on Jobs personal life or other stuff. Now that this my last week before my break I have to find something to do next week, I’m sure something will come up, but until next week I’ll keep moving forward in my career a here at Keiser University


Newsletter Week. Monday the 5th

During the this week we had the opportunity to write newsletter for our school. We had to dived the newsletter into different sections, for example sports, events and different stories that were part of the news letter.  Each Story has a different role in the newsletter because the newsletter is read by different types of people. some people might be interested in just the sports section, some might be interested in food or just want to know what’s going on around town or school, so we have to make sure every section is as important as the one before it or after it.  We had the chance to pick the section we wanted to do and after listing to all the themes that were available  it was hard to chose, but I decided to go with the sport section.


The sport section is going to be fun working on because sports is something I enjoy.  The section I will be working on is FSU football which is something I stay up to date with, which will help me write this newsletter. This is the second newsletter I get to work on. The first newsletter I worked on was fun, so I’m going to use my experience from the first one to write my second newsletter!

Friday 2 2013

It’s a new month! Time is moving! just like time is moving so is my career also moving quick. I finally started working on Adobe fireworks and I’m getting the hang of it little by little but hey you have to take small steps and you will get somewhere. This week I have been on creating my own web page from the the ground and up! At first I didn’t know where to start from because I have never created a webpage from zero and it’s a little bit complicated then it sounds.  Before I created my web page I searched different web design pages to get an idea of what I need to create. One thing I notice about many web pages is that a lot of them have something that they enjoy so I had to find something I enjoyed, this idea give me the color of my background for my website, Which are the colors Garnet and Gold which is the team colors for my favorite college football team Florida State Seminoles. As I keep working on my web page I hope to get new ideas to make my web page more appealing to my


Wednesday 7/31/13

Hello world,

I’m glad to say that I have started a new chapter in my career, I have started a new class called web design 2. I’m using a new program also this month called fireworks which is completely new to me, it’s something way different then what I thought but it’s pretty cool to be able to learn something new. Last month I tried a new program ( dreamweaver) and learned a lot from it so I’m looking forward to working with this new program because I know it will take me to new levels in my career.

In this week I also got to try a new project for my university, I got to create flyers for different events that school was having.  We had meet a deadline which meant we had to work twice as hard to finish our deadline it was fun to be able to do something for the school I gained something from that which was time management! No Excuse! I had to create a flyer for a Leadership program and for our summer break, I liked the work I did for the first time. Creating flyers is one of my favorite things to do so I enjoyed creating those flyers and look forward to doing some more!